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Flight Ticket Price Predictor using Python
• Automatic Salt Segmentation with UNET in Python using Deep Learning
• Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using TensorFlow 2.0
• Lane-Line Detection System in Python using OpenCV
• Online Sports Turf Playground Booking System
• Price Comparison Website for Online Shopping Project
• Online College Admission Management System Project
• Web Based Blood Donation Management System Project
• Online Property Management System Project
• Online Employee Payroll Management System Project
• Online Grocery Recommender System Using Collaborative Filtering
• Online Shoes Shopping Website Project
• Online Organic Health Food Store Project
• Color Detection Using OpenCv Python Project
• Logistics Management System Project in Python
• Web Based Place Finder Using Django and GeoDjango
• Online Transaction Fraud Detection using Python & Backlogging on E-Commerce
• Graphical Password Authentication System by Using Pass Point Scheme
• Ecommerce Food Products Sales Forecasting System
• Predicting House Prices Using Linear Regression
• Online Employee Recruitment System Project in Python
• Decision Tree Based Tourism Recommendation System
• Ecommerce Website Live Visitor Tracking System Project
• Efficient Courier Tracking System Project
• Online Crime Reporting System in Python Project
• Image Steganography Project using Python
• Web Based Pharmaceutical Store Sales Forecasting System
• Online Healthcare Information Management System Project
• Online Inventory Management System Project in Python
• Wish list Products Price Comparison Website Project
• Secure File Storage on Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography in Python
• Data Duplication Removal using File Checksum with Python
• Efficient Courier Tracking System Project
• GUI Based Stock Management & Control System Project