Security Management

The Radical suite of security services evolves constantly to reflect new cyber threats and new frontiers in cybercrime. Radical Security Audits help clients to evaluate their current security positions and implement suggested improvements before security gaps can become security breaches. Radical security audits are designed to –

  • Create a security benchmark for your organization
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of current security practices
  • Prioritize exposures to help you focus on the greatest risks first
  • Deliver risk mitigation recommendations, consistent with your business objectives and compliance requirements

The knowledge gained from Radical security audits helps our clients make more informed decisions about how to allocate budgets and resources in order to most effectively manage risk. Following are the Radical Softwares ‘Security Audit as Service’ offerings –

Website Security – CIPL solution team will implement the processes like authentication, authorization, encryption, secure workstation, configuration management, redundancy in terms of data backup and server failover and many more as per best practices to secure the organization Website.

Application Security – CIPL audits applications comparing existing implemented policies with industry best practices such as server hardening & verification of Application configuration, segregation of duties, access control as per roles and profiles, changing default user names, password policies, vulnerability and policies keeping in view the objective of the organization.

Database Security – Database management is the core competency of CIPL. We have expertise in database management in terms of RAC implementation for high availability, backup implementation, performance tuning and monitoring and analysis.

Operating System Security – Operating system is the backbone which provides the platform on which applications are hosted. Audit services help the client in understanding the weaknesses which exist in the operating system. CIPL has extensive experience in plugging the known vulnerabilities and hardening the operating system for client.

Hardware/Storage/Network Security – Network security audit service audits the security of the network. This service looks into the areas of confidentiality, authentication and data integrity. CIPL solutions team is capable of building these features on any network using standard protocols. CIPL solutions team is capable of storage capacity planning and management, implementation of backup policy, backup contingency and physical storage.

CIPL also helps clients in proper selection of network security appliances like Firewalls, IDS’s, Antivirus software and PKI solutions.

IT Process Consultancy and Audit – IT infrastructure processes study, documenting organization’s policy, mapping and implementing the same with industry best practices and standards. It will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s processes.

And, periodical audit will sustain the effectiveness of set processes as per best practices and standards. By implementing these processes, organizations can go for ISO certification.