Performance Management

Performance Assessment is the first step in a life cycle of well-defined services focused on the broad-spectrum of performance issues in your business implementation. It is one of a series of  ‘Expert Services’ developed by us, which deliver a modular and complete set of business infrastructure services based on best practices and proven technologies to help organizations, large or small, to make the most of the implementations.

Consulting Services

The Performance Assessment service provides the best performance expertise available from us. We would focus on the following key areas:-

  • Minimize technological risks – we can identify potential performance problems, sometimes before the negative effects are experienced.
  • Address key performance issues pro-actively – we recommend changes to optimize every layer of the deployed infrastructure environment.
  • Identify resource needs – the results of the assessment will help identify skills and experience needed to properly maintain the system at an optimum performance level.
  • Help guide your vision for the future – we provide a thorough assessment of your existing systems, with necessary results to help guide you and your organization in future technology planning.

The Approach

The challenge of predicting peaks, maintaining site performance and planning for growth are critical to your enterprise infrastructure. Our consultants will analyze the current environment and identify opportunities and issues as you consider optimizing deployed architecture into a better performing and making more manageable environment. The approach to performance assessment would be based in the following areas:-
Database Server | Operating System | Networking | Application Server

Service Offerings

Our experts will help you evaluate the performance and scalability needs of your current system and propose viable approaches using best practice strategies for systems.
The approach consists of four tasks with associated deliverables-


  • Define Assessment Criteria
  • Document System Baseline
  • Current System Performance Analysis
  • Implementation of Proposed Solution


  • Assessment Scope Business Needs
  • Current Architecture Baseline Report
  • Assessment Report with Recommendations
  • Preparation of Project Plan

In the course of the assessment, we will identify high leverage areas for performance and capacity products and services with the objective of delivering a high performance, scalable system to support peak demands or growth