Oracle Exadata Services

Why is Oracle Exadata required?

Exponential increase in data has created significant pressure on data storage management and server space requirements. While most businesses today require IT expansion, they are concerned about datacenter floor space and rising electricity costs. More than half of their productive time is spent on testing, ensuring compatibility of applications and integration with existing infrastructure.

Oracle Exadata with its unique features such as columnar compression, smart scan and smart flash-cache can enhance business efficiency through scalability and high performance.

Radical Softwares – Oracle Exadata Service Offering

Radical Softwares has following key Oracle Exadata Service Offerings which would help customers to utilize Exadata to its optimal capacity:

  • Oracle Exadata Migration
  • Oracle Exadata Performance Assessment
  • Oracle Exadata Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Exadata Installation and configuration

Value Proposition

  • Consolidation and simplification of existing database, data-warehouse and storage landscape.
  • Shortens deployment times from months to days.
  • Reduces support staffing, data center floor space requirements and power usage.
  • Manages rapid data growth by compressing storage.
  • Robust performance of Oracle Exadata enables better Business Performance Management.
  • Enables huge savings in Opex due to reduction in electricity cost, storage space, server utilization etc.
  • Ensures bottom line savings due to significant reduction in TCO as against traditional systems .