Cloud Computing

Reduced Annual Operating Costs though Data Center Migration We helped the world’s leading provider of audio and video technology significantly reduce their annual operating costs through the implementation of a VPC.

Difficulties and Challenges

  • Modernize their IT operations to improve efficiencies and reduce their costs
  • Redesign and automate their data center operations in the cloud
  • Migrate corporate applications from Physical to AWS
  • Solutions Helped
  • Reduce IT operation’s expenses by 50%
  • Define and implement an AWS tagging scheme that can be used to facilitate the analysis and management of AWS resources
  • Select and on-board an AWS MSP
  • Use Cloud Endure to replicate both physical and virtual servers to AWS
  • Automate Company operations

Results What We Achieved

  • Designed and implemented an AWS Account Structure and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Establishment of a migration factory to move over 500 servers to AWS
  • Substantially reduced annual operating costs
  • Implementation of an AWS Storage Gateway/VTL