Big data Hadoop

Because it runs on commodity server clusters, the Hadoop framework offers cloud-like scalable  computing that threatens the IT status quo. Hadoop potentially could slow the growth of the enterprise data warehouse by providing lower-cost data processing. It may also make incursions in a more surprising place — mainframe modernization, a sometimes sleepy world that may be due for a shakeup of its own.


The Organizations integrated optimization and attribution product was initially operated on another Hadoop service platform. But inefficiencies in the infrastructure and issues with reliability and availability were making the product unstable. The Organizations executive team found itself losing confidence in its Hadoop infrastructure.


Organization selected the Radical Software  ata Cloud to provide the company with a more reliable always-on solution and the system support it needed to ensure the product would be successful—at a cost far less than the previous Hadoop infrastructure provider. The Radical Software solution was immediately accessible by the company’s technical and data science teams, and it provided them with a stable Hadoop infrastructure that handles complex and difficult workloads.


  • Performance and availability at a reasonable cost: Organization’s customers require immediate answers to constantly changing questions, which Organization can deliver via Radical Software’s non-stop, elastic Hadoop operations. Radical Software’s predictable pricing model lets Organization more effectively manage its cost of service delivery.
  • Increased competitive edge by using the latest technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem: Radical Software enables Organization to stay on the cutting edge, with advanced technologies in a production environment and without the overhead associated with maintaining an on-prem solution.
  • Operational stability enables Organization’s internal resources to be focused on analytic insights: Organization’s analytics team can focus its energies on data modeling and not on systems administration work.
  • Enterprise-class SLAs: Organization is partnering with an enterprise-class Hadoop-as- a-service provider that offers enterprise-class SLAs and advanced technologies.


Organization, a global leader in advanced marketing analytics technology, uses Radical Software’s Hadoop-as- a-service as the basis for a marketing analytics platform thathelps major brands dramatically improve marketing effectiveness and connect results to revenue. Organization’s development executives—a veteran team that has built many large-scale analytics platforms—knew at the outset they wanted to outsource the infrastructure on which the Organization platform would run, to save time and money and to focus internal resources. Based on a stringent set of evaluation parameters—including performance, availability, elasticity, and the need to remain on the cutting edge of Hadoop ecosystem developments—Organization selected Radical Software as the foundation for its industry-leading analytics solution.


Organization helps large companies measure, predict, and dramatically improve marketing’s impact on revenue by combining advanced analytics technology, scientific leadership, and deep domain expertise. The company’s Big Data analytics technology platform is used by some of the world’s biggest brands, across many industry sectors such as retail, finance, travel and leisure, pharmaceuticals, automotive, technology, and others.

Organization has teams of senior technologists, engineers, marketing scientists, and marketing executives with unrivaled experience helping the world’s biggest companies generate more revenue through improved marketing performance. Organization is also the industry leader in helping enterprise clients implement and manage highly sophisticated predictive analytics systems and technology at a very large scale—an ideal application for Big Data analytics and for the Hadoop ecosystem in particular.

Organization’s suite of solutions includes marketing portfolio optimization as well as cross-channel attribution, which does comprehensive analysis of a firm’s media spending to assess how different marketing channels interact and add incremental value.


Organization’s integrated optimization and attribution product was initially operated on another Hadoop-as- a-service platform. But an internal team running the applications quickly found that major inefficiencies inherent in that service provider’s infrastructure drove service costs up to unsatisfactory levels. In addition, significant predictability, reliability, and availability issues with the Hadoop cluster were constantly dogging product development efforts. As Big Data parallel workloads are often difficult to debugand tune, Organization executives often felt a lack of visibility and confidence in their Hadoop infrastructure.

That’s when the company turned to the Radical Software Data Cloud, which gave Organization a sustainable, always-on solution and the system support required to support product success. Organization has been a technology pioneer and early adopter itself, and Radical Software gave the company a chance to build Big Modeling on top of Big Data via other leading-edge technology.

Radical Software’s purpose-built solution energized the project with a solution that was more stable and predictable. Because Radical Software is purpose built for Hadoop, data is stored directly in Hadoop’s HDFS file system and is immediately and reliably available to Organization’s team of senior technologists, data scientists, and engineers. Radical Software’s infrastructure and comprehensive support provided Organization with a Hadoop service that could handle the most complex and difficult workloads.

The Radical Software solution also produced cost savings. Because Radical Software is more efficient, it consumes fewer resources—and ultimately costs less—than the more inefficient Hadoop-as- a-service offerings.

Satya Ramachandran, SVP of Engineering and a Managing Director at Organization, also required a Hadoop-as- a-service offering that was kept up to date with the latest in Hadoop ecosystem developments. With 15+ years of experience in distributed computing and several patents in the field, Ramachandran knows the operational burden of keeping current with the latest software implementations and the business advantages of remaining on the cutting edge. Organization also has a heterogeneous environment with a mix of technologies, including Hive, NoSQL, Matlab, R, and Oracle, with many others under consideration. He found that Radical Software’s service gave his team access to the cutting-edge tools they needed.


  • Performance and availability required at a cost that makes sense: Organization’s customers need insights without delay, which Organization can provide by relying on Radical Software’s non-stop operations and elasticity. Radical Software’s straightforward and predictable pricing lets Organizationmanage costs and make effective business decisions.
  • Competitive edge by using the latest technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem: Radical Software enables Organization to experiment with advanced technologies in a production environment, without the overhead associated with maintaining an on-prem solution. This has allowed Organization to stay ahead of competitors by developing cutting-edge products that leverage features in the most advanced software available
  • Operational stability enables Organization’s internal resources to be focused on analytic insights: Radical Software lets Organization’s analytics team focus on data modeling instead of on systems administration work.


The partnership between Organization and Radical Software represents a new kind of relationship that could soon be duplicated across the industry. “Enterprise companies need to partner with enterprise companies,” Ramachandran said. “I want SLAs. I want guarantees. I want to be able to work with advanced technologies like Spark and Matlab. In order to do that, I need a real enterprise partner. And that’s Radical Software.”