Business Intelligence Services

    • Business Intelligence enables analysis of data that businesses generate through transactions or by other kinds of business activities and thus helps businesses to analyze the past and present business situations and performances
    • Making better business decisions invariably depends on the business understanding the value that can be unlocked its information assets
    • Today, it is difficult to find a successful enterprise that has not leveraged BI technology for their business
    • An organization with systems and personnel institutionalized in BI will find it easier to move to the next level of informed decision making using Advanced Analytics like Predictive Analytics, Social Analytics, Text Analytics, Big Data Analytics etc
  • What Radical Softwares can offer?
    • We can help your organization to take the next step on the path to BI maturity depending on the existing state of your BI setup.
    • We can offer services in three modes:
      • Decipher
      • Design
      • Delineate


    To bring into being the right Business Intelligence solution and strategy, it is absolutely essential to the strategy and goals of your organization.

    • Assess and evaluate key organizational goals and strategies.
    • Gather and refine detailed business requirements.
    • Work with stakeholders to complete organizational buy-in for the business intelligence initiative.
    • Develop a detailed Business Intelligence Blueprint, capturing key requirements as outlined earlier.
    • Make evident the value of BI tools through demonstrations and delivery of Proof of Concepts.


    The full perceived Business Intelligence solution is realized, tested and maintained.

    • Design and deploy the business intelligence architecture.
    • Standardization of BI tools is key.
    • Implement information delivery processes.
    • Design and deploy an ad hoc reporting architecture.
    • Design effective dashboard and visualization solutions.
    • Provide data management services to support the reports and dashboards development effort.
    • Design and implement disaster recovery and failover solutions.


    The upkeep of the Business Intelligence solution is crucial to fully comprehend its value and appreciate ROI in the long run.

    • Build and maintain a repository of BI knowledge, standards, best practices and methodologies.
    • Ensure the BI solution and strategy is in constant alignment with the organizational goals and strategy.
    • Augment the business intelligence solution by designing and implementing new paradigms to improve ROI and increase end-user adoption.
    • Establish a Business Intelligence Competency Center.
    • Institutionalize Business Intelligence.

    Value Proposition
    Radical Softwares provides the desired services, competency and governance through our technology experts, consultants and

    • Business analysts.
    • Radical Softwares provides flexible delivery models for maximum business advantage.
    • Radical Softwares can help clients reduce their operating cost and maximize your ROI on BI investment.

    Oracle Fusion Financials

    Oracle fusion applications are the next generation application suite from Oracle designed and developed on the oracle fusion middleware. It includes the best functionalities from existing oracle application product lines. This is most comprehensive integrated and scalable financial management solution.
    However, recent surveys of top IT and business leaders reveal that inflexible ERP deployments, poor cross-functional processes, inability to extend processes to external partners, difficulties in upgradation and lack of visibility into process are the reasons for challenges faced by IT leaders today. To address these challenges, customers are increasingly adopting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Financials. Radical Softwares SOA and Oracle Fusion Service offerings rise to this challenge and address the requirements of today’s IT leaders.