Bigdata Services

Every day trillions of bytes of data are being created — so much that we are faced with an immense data explosion. This data comes from a variety of different sources, such as posts on social media sites, digital pictures, videos and other online transactions.
This is what we call “big data.”
Along with this enormous volume of data, there are two other dimensions that make up what we refer to as big data. These dimensions are data’s velocity, the speed at which it is being generated; and its variety, the new types of evolving data (e.g. social networking sites, tweets).

Why Radical Softwares?
Focused Center of Excellence (CoE)

  1. Skilled team of architects, programmers and big data practitioners
  2. Hadoop cluster infrastructure Implementation experience in Insurance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare and Telecom Experienced in a variety of tools
  3. Defining storage patterns in HBase, HDFS
  4. ETL scripts using pig, hive, map-reduce and workflow development using Oozie, Azkaban
  5. Analytics and Machine learning using RHadoop and Apache Mahout
  6. Real-time data processing using Storm, Spark etc. Systems Integrator partnership with Hortonworks, a leading provider of Hadoop distribution
  7. Harnessing Big Data Opportunities

Data in the organization can be classified as “Structured” and “Unstructured”. Structured data is the fodder for almost all strategic decisions. However, the probability of a correct decision enhances exponentially, if structured and unstructured data can be analyzed at great speed to arrive at valuable insights.

“Big Data” has brought in this very revolution in the industry. As data is at the core of all decision making, “Big Data” is gaining in prominence across industries, verticals, and geographies.

At Radical Softwares, we were not keen to jump into the “Big Data” bandwagon just because others were doing it. We wish to have a clearly defined approach so that our offerings are of maximum relevance to the industry while being flexible enough to accommodate customization desired by our customers.

Our Big Data Services cover decision enabling characteristics for our customers efficiently and effectively using a clearly defined approach as explained below:

Enhancing Security through Big Data

Big data—it’s everywhere.  And in today’s modern world, it’s expanding every second.  The dramatic increase in Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Vulnerability of information is transforming the core of businesses. But with this expansive data growth, who’s watching your networks? Current networks generate events on an enormous scale— real-time monitoring of data and providing actionable visibility are critical tasks. It’s true: bigger data means bigger security.

As security attacks become both more persistent and complex, the rules-based approach to network and data protection – where security information and event management (SIEM) systems are designed to track and mitigate ‘known threats’ – is becoming increasingly ineffective; heralding a new age problem where ‘unknown threats’ pose new danger. Furthermore, given that SIEM’s tend to overlook a lot of data or it simply gets lost, this can significantly impact organisations ability to spot new threats – especially when data being dismissed could potentially provide valuable clues to spotting new advanced threats.

In Traditional Security Framework (SIEM), Data is a collection of individual products, Platform dependent with selected data type. It is expensive and does not give a uniform view. It is difficult to customize and integrate. Whereas Big Data is a collection of very large data sets which can handle multiple data types. Complex data analysis can be done easily. It is inexpensive and hardware agnostic.


Radical Softwares Big Data Security Offerings:
We provide solution to ensure foolproof IT security management to our customers through three stages namely Design, Implement and Manage based on Big Data framework

Developing an integrated strategy for IT Security Management
Radical Softwares Consultants help customers develop an integrated IT strategy to capture   consolidate and manage potential occurrence of threats by leveraging Big Data.